Monday, June 14, 2010

World Cup 2010

BUZzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzZZZzzzzzzzzzz - effing World Cup. I can't even stand watching any of it, because it sounds like there is a massive bee hive is inside my television. How do the South African's possibly think their stupid Vuvuzela's are at all not the most obnoxious thing in sports ever? They're soooo annoying.

Okay I'll be honest. I probably wouldn't watch much of the world cup anyway. Watching people kick a ball up and down a field for 90 minutes and score a combined "handful" of points is painstakingly boring. Three or four points in 90 minutes is not enough for any game. In fact to entice more American's we should make each point count as 6 and shorten the game to 60 minutes. Then we could let the backs touch the ball with their hands too. In fact kicking the ball through a goal is stupid, lets say if the ball is kicked through the goal it's only worth 3 points. Then we'll make the new objective of the game to carry or catch the ball past the opponents first end line and before their second end line in a place called the "end zone." Play will stop after every tackle. I like the sound of this sport better.

So as far as I understand, International soccer is about national pride. We should be hearing songs and chants that represent each of the 32 represented countries along with widespread mania and yelling of the word, "GOAL" when someone scores, but instead all we hear is BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. Even the announcers seem to be droned out from time to time from the constant buzzing. Yes, constant. It doesn't just happen when the other team has the ball or after a goal or even "just" the 90 minutes of when the game is in play. It doesn't freaking stop. I'm all for tolerance and being unique in fan support, but this is absurd. You're not supporting your team, you're just making noise. Even South African players have said they have trouble communicating over the noise. It's not like college basketball crowds that make noise when the other team is on defense and the game is close, intermittently stopping to sing, chant or just take a break. No this is far far more obnoxious. I guess I can't completely blame South African's though. Quite often you'll see people in the crowd dressed in their countries respective colors playing a patriotic bee noise maker.

I guess basically all I'm trying to say is that I don't even care if these Vuvuzela's are a cool cultural symbol or something that brings something unique to the game. These factors of them are drown out by the constant droning hum they make to ruin the atmosphere of the game. No, they shouldn't be banned, as this wouldn't even really be possible and would cause quite the commotion. All I want to do is simply state that they are super annoying and a horrible tradition.

USA tied England. I guess I'm supposed to be happy about this since England is amazing and the USA is fairly mediocre when it comes to soccer talent. I find this difficult though, because it's a tie. No one won. I can't be disappointed at a loss to our Trans-Atlantic rivals, nor can I feel like we have bragging rights over them. All I'm left with after 90+ minutes of watching a rather boring and slow-paced game is an overall feeling of apathy and a realization that unless the USA makes it out of the initial round play there is nothing that's going to drag me in front of the buzzing swarm of soccer fans in Outer Lesotho.

Speaking of Lesotho, I learned that 40% of the country live under the international poverty line, which is approximately $1.25 American per day. I can't imagine what it would be like to live that way. I could not work for the next.. well I'm not giving an exact number as it seems incredibly stupid to state how much money I have online, so we'll just go with "while" and still be over the International Poverty Line. That's really sad and makes me realize just how much the United States rules. Not only do broke college students live well above the poverty line, but our citizens don't bring thousands of Vuvuzela's to sporting events.

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