Monday, June 7, 2010

My dreams are so trippy

So last night I had a trippy dream at about 6am. I woke up and texted myself so I wouldn't forget it. Here's what the text said, "pitcher penguin and walsur talking penguin handstcoe bic man coffe shop latte is ink cup."

My best translation of this (and from what I can remember) is that I was on the Weber State campus kind of at dusk and a penguin dressed in a baseball pitcher outfit was walking towards me with a walrus and the penguin stopped and did a handstand on a globe statue and I was thinking, "holy crap, now I've seen it all." Then there was a coffee shop nearby so I went inside, but there was like a 30 person long line of nothing but 5 foot tall Bic Pen men, which were all colored white. I skipped to the front of the line and ordered a mocha latte, but all I got was a cup of ink. I threw it away and went in the bathroom, but the toilet was out of order because something (can't remember what) was in front of it. This is when I woke up. I then realized I had to pee and was happy the toilet in my dream was out of service.

My dreams are so trippy, haha.

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