Sunday, July 1, 2012

Business Reply Mail

Today I came to see my mother in Layton. She had a bunch of mail waiting for me. I was very excited for it, only to find that it was mostly unsolicited junk mail. However I decided to make the best of it and open it anyway.

First I had my acceptance letter from Stevens-Henneger College which is one of the most prestigious institutions of higher education in the local suburban office complex. I can barely express my excitement of having been accepted to a school I never applied to.

Next I had not one, but two advertisements from the Aviation Service Academy in Woods Cross. They must really understand my potential as a commercial airline pilot if they sent me two!

Wow, and they even have jobs waiting for me at $18 an hour? How could I possible say no?! I'd only be spending $40,000 for the programs and then taking a ginormous pay cut after graduation. What a deal!

Unfortunately I can only choose one, and since Stevens-Hennegar College sent me a business reply envelope which allows me to send the mail to them should I be sending it from the United States (which I am!) I chose them.

It sure would be a shame if I put the wrong paper in the envelope!

Here's my first step towards a bright new future.

My Greek ancestors would be so proud!