Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2010 Summary

Well every year since probably 2005 I've written a summary of my events of the prior year and my reflections on them now, so here goes :

January - January started interestingly enough. I was at a new years party with my high school friends and a girl I'd met about a week before had decided we were in a relationship already. She seemed interesting enough to get to know, so I reluctantly went along with the decision. We kissed at midnight and then played a board games until my married friends went home (about 12:20 am, they're total party animals...) I had new roommates this semester and they were both kind of strange at first, but they came around and I actually consider them good friends now. As the month progressed I started a set of some difficult classes including Structural Geology and Applied Geophysics. They really tested my abilities as a student. For my birthday Katie came to visit me and we went to a basketball game. The next night Trisha took me to dinner. Later, yada yada yada, we woke up it was February.

February - I broke up with Trisha since I wanted to date all the other womens who were paying me attention at the time. This was probably not a good idea and I did a lot of dating around of people that I didn't particularly like and also dated my friend Katie. I went snowboarding with Matt. It was my second time going, but the first time I really fell in love with the sport, now if only I had a thousand dollars or so do drop on gear... Oh well... maybe one of these years. Nate slipped on some ice and fell into the door which sent James and I into an uproar of laughter. I dated Katie for part of this month and the next. I also spent some time with this girl Kendra who was incredibly cool and attractive when we first start hanging out, but as time wore on these traits became less, but I still like her as a person. She's just on a mission, so it's hard to hang out.

March - I spent most of this month watching college basketball. This is what March was actually made for. It's a little known verse in Genesis that didn't make the final edit, "and on the 5th Day God created March that we may all watch far too much college basketball." I wore my Scotland shirt on St. Patricks day, which is strange since, as far as I know, I'm 1/4 Irish and 1/4 Scottish. The discovery of "Laddergoat" was made. My tournament bracket ended up being in the 97th percentile on Yahoo, which I'm quite proud of. For Spring Break I basically caught up on homework.

April - For April Fools day, Katie and I pretended to be engaged. A few of her family and friends bought it, but not a single person who knows me did. I guess I'm just that predictable. I went on the Historical Geology field trip to Arches National Park and various other geologic points of interest throughout central and southern Utah. It was the first school field trip I'd been on since probably 10th grade and it was a blast. In April I joined a co-ed ultimate frisbee intermural team with some people from the geology department, mainly people I met on the trip. This was a really good decision as I made some pretty good friends with a couple of the people on the team. I'm proud to say I was a pretty integral part of the team and it reminded me of the fun I had playing high school intermural sports. There was a massive (largest in Utah in over 15 years) earthquake in Rich County (by Logan) measuring in at an astounding 4.9. Okay, honestly it was pretty weak. Ironically, as a geology major, I was one of few people in Logan who was completely oblivious to it. I was irked. I also began training for a job being a census stalker.

May - The month started with snow on finals week, I wish I could say this was the last time it snowed this year, but it wasn't. I got my grades the first week of the month and I was quite pleased. I went from the prior spring semester, getting the worst GPA of my life, to getting the best GPA of my life taking just as hard of classes. I guess it really shows how much of a difference having interest in the subject makes. I began working for the census and actually ended up enjoying it quite a lot. I got to meet and talk to a lot of unique people and make my own hours. I hung out with Katie a lot this month. We went to the zoo and saw white crocodiles.

June - During June I continued working at the census for most of the month and dated a few different people. I didn't particularly hit it off with any of them, unfortunately. Towards the end of the month Trisha and I began seeing each other again and I started a second job waiting tables at this pizza place called NYPD. It was a really fun job. The people there were much younger and more laid back than at other restaurants I had worked at. I tried watching soccer for the World Cup and came to the same realization I come to every time I watch soccer. Soccer is boring. <-- period.

July - At some point in July I went to the museum of Natural History at the U of U, the Sandy Aquarium, Raging Waters and to a Buzz game. All things I'd been meaning to do for a while, but actually having a job made me able to do it! The census job ended and I began working more hours at the pizza place until a geologist I'd been in contact with called me and asked if I wanted to go do some field work with him. The pay he offered was great and I wanted experience so I went for it. The job blew so much ass that I wanted to cry myself to sleep some nights, but I was too tired whenever I'd get back from the mountains so I'd just go into my tent and pass out for 12 hours. I kept with it though and made some good money. My cousins ex husband, who I really looked up to when I was in elementary school, moved back to Utah and it was really fun catching up with him. We'd have get-together's at my cousin's house and it was cool, like old times, except we're all older now.

August - In August I got back from Nevada and quit my geology job. I then went on a trip to Southern California with my Grandpa. It was supposed to be a fun relaxing vacation to forget about the hell I experienced as a field geologist, but instead I ended up babysitting my grandpa, staying in a Super 8 motel and doing 1800 miles of driving myself. It was not a fun trip in any sense, but I will admit - compared to a trip with grungy geologists to the middle of nowhere basin and range, it was heaven. Before going back to school I went to Lagoon and it was a blast. I went back to school and the second night up there met some new friends. Trisha broke up with me because I'm not religious enough and so the next night a new girl stayed the night with me on my couch. It was innocent enough and quite cute. Classes started and they were all right.

September - The semester began becoming more difficult than I expected, but I was enjoying my social life too much. I spent nearly every evening with Marlee for about three weeks. I don't recall the last time I was able to do so much of nothing with someone and have fun. Her friends were cool, though very young. My roommate turned into an old man and would complain about the noise quite literally every night, it was annoying but somewhat understandable. My bed broke due to makeouts, I fixed it with a rock hammer and throughout the month discovered that there were very few problems unsolvable by a rock hammer. Anything from killing hobo spiders to burying tiki torches can be solved with a rock hammer. (Also useful for breaking rocks.) I got to know my new roommates Josh and Ryan and they are both awesome guys. Though they had a lot of crap in the front room for about two weeks and it annoyed me to no end. I figured they'd move it eventually, and they did.

October - In October I continued spending time with my roommates (both the new and old ones, I like them all) along with the female sophomore posse we'd become friends with. It was good times, probably some of the funnest I had all year. I went on the geomorphology trip with some of the geology department. It was really fun. I missed a football game that I'd have loved to have been at, but that's okay. The geology trip was more memorable, I'm sure. I also bought a new cell phone. This is an incredible feat for me as I can't buy something if the old something isn't broken. My old phone still works perfectly fine too. I started working harder on school as the semester was kicking my ass. I quit seeing my friends often, but continued get lunch with Marlee every other day.

November - During November I played a campus-wide, week-long, humans vs. zombies game that was pretty intense. It was a lot of fun with the exception of a neighbor of mine pretending it was reality. It was still a lot of fun though. I stayed in Logan all month, going to basketball games with friends and working on school. I began seeing my new friends almost never with the exception of the one I was dating, but we even stopped dating during this month. It was on good terms though and we remained friends. For Thanksgiving I came home and spent time with my family, it was good. We had dinner at my cousins house, pretty much everyone over 21 was drunk except myself and my 80 year old grandpa, but it was still a lot of fun.

December - December was an interesting month. My neighbor, that had been my friend in prior months, decided that she hated me because I was making motorcycle noises and slapped me so I told her off. Marlee and I decided we weren't talking for a couple weeks, but later made up and are cool now. Finals came and went. They messed up my sleep pattern and for about two weeks I couldn't sleep in past 5 am. My grades were acceptable, but nothing to brag about. Another friend pissed me off pretty badly and I've yet to really discuss it with her and at this point don't know that I ever will. I got an xbox 360 for Christmas, which is great since I've not had a new video game system in over 10 years. I've been in love with Final Fantasy 13 since then. Senioritis hit me like a Nolan Ryan pitch to the face. I had been becoming sick of school for a while, but honestly during this break, I've had little to any desire to return to Logan. I've spent some time with my high school friends, and while I've had a lot of fun, realized that I'm just so different from all of them now. I love them though, they're great people. This brings me to now. December 29th, a few minutes until midnight.

Best memory of the year : Getting my Spring '10 grades and feeling an incredible sense of accomplishment.
Worst memory of the year : Wandering the wilderness for 12 hour days with nothing but a compass, hammer, GPS and water.
Best month of the year : July
Worst month of the year : December
Biggest regret of the year : The decision to spend my last week of the summer on the vacation from hell.
Most unexpected event of the year : Probably the first time I kissed Katie way back early in the year. I didn't even expect me to do it until after I did.
Best movie of the year : Book of Eli
Best song of the year : Papa Roach - Burn
Best make-out of the year : This... will remain a secret this year too...
Best new t-shirt of the year : The one that scientifically proves "Aggie basketball is the best!"

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