Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Rock hammers solve all problems.

Well this semester has started out to be an adventure. Few dull moments, even less sleep. Trisha and I quit seeing each other before the semester started.. again.. for good.. again.. (I'm fairly certain it's for good this time though.) I dislike the Mormon female population at times. So many of them are dumb. No I'm not saying this out of spite or because I'm irritated, and no I'm not singling Trisha out either. Despite our differences she's still an amazing woman and I'll miss her occasional presence. I honestly just think there is a very large ratio of dumb Mormon women to smart Mormon women. No, I'm not talking about book smarts. For the most part I think LDS people are a generally bright bunch, they're just so damn close minded. So let me rephrase that sentence more accurately. Many (but not all, just... all the ones I seem to date) Mormon females are close-minded and it frustrates me.

Forget that I'm likely the greatest guy she's had a serious relationship with and maybe even the most amazing person she will date. (Shut up, I said maybe!) Forget that I have basically good morals and never try to get her to do anything she would regret. Forget that I was the one telling her no to sex despite wanting it myself. Hell let's even forget that for lack of better religions classification, I myself am even Mormon and go to church about 50% of the time. She didn't want to date anymore because I don't give a damn about magical marriage rituals in fancy buildings that we're brainwashed by primary songs to covet entrance to since the time we're 4 years old. No, I don't refuse to do one, I just don't care if I do or not. Maybe the arrogance was a turn off too ;) I sound bitter, I'm really not. I'm perfectly fine with the relationship ending and likely would have done it myself in the near future, it's just the reasoning behind it which really bothers me. It just seems so wrong, and I'm so sick of nearly all my relationships ending because of a religion. Sigh, typing this seems very familiar. I think I may have typed this before... bleh, moving on.

Anyway, it's good. I've had fun meeting new people, which is tough to do when you've got a girlfriend. One girl tonight sat down with me to "talk" earlier tonight. I was afraid this was leading to, "we need to be exclusive" since we had quite literally broken my bed the night before. The frame snapped out of place, but don't worry - I fixed it with my rock hammer. Rock hammers solve all problems. I was wrong, she wanted to make sure I understood we were not exclusive. I was quite happy with the conversation: Wait a second, so you're telling me that you WANT to just be friends with benefits? Uhm... deal.

Meh, forget girls, they're boring and a rather pointless endeavor for me it seems.

Another thing attributing to my annoyance of LDS girls is that it's so damn hard to find girls around my age to hang out with. The cute and normal ones are nearly all married by 20 or 21, when their missionaries get home. It's cool, I understand we're all biologically programed to want a sexual relationship, which isn't really allowed in the LDS religion outside of marriage, but it's still super frustrating for me. Every year I just meet new 19 year olds to hang out with. They're always fun and I always enjoy their company for a semester or a year, but then they all get marred, the end.

The early marriage doesn't really just happen to LDS females though, it does to the males as well. Fortunately I happen to have a group of older roommates (older meaning 22-26) who are all single and not actively pursuing marriage, but tons of my old roommates and friends have married off to girls they've only known for a short while, while having yet to really establish a life for themselves. Then they have new obligations and I understand that. When you're married you can't really just bail on your wife every other night to go play rockband or get dinner with your friends. That would be pretty lame. It's just sad. Almost to the point that I want to conform and become a boring married guy, so I can quit worrying about losing friends... almost :)

I got a job as an undergraduate teaching fellow for a freshman earth science class. The pay is almost non-existent, but I'm pretty excited for it. It'll be fun to feel like I'm smart, run review sessions, grade papers and stuff. It'll be way awesome. Not really for the money, but just as something new to do and something else to throw on my resume for now. If I can teach a subject, I must know it pretty well, right?

Utah State football looks awesome this year. Sure they lost their opener, but they lost it on the road to the 7th best team in the country in a gigantic stadium by single digits. The fact that Utah State hung with Oklahoma for an entire game and despite a couple of mistakes had every opportunity to win that game is... holy crap man.

Red Jumpsuit Apparatus came and played last Saturday here in Logan. It was pretty cool, free concert of a band that people actually know? Can't really complain about that. The night before that I went 80's dancing too, so my ears are still kind of ringing 4 days later, haha. The day after the concert I went camping with a group of friends and we all piled into a large tent which I had staked down with my rock hammer. I later used the hammer to chip off pieces of limestone, mostly just because I wanted to hit some rocks with it. It's very therapeutic to break rocks.

This is an incredibly dull blog entry. This would probably actually annoy me if someone posted something this dull on facebook, so I won't. Anyway, I apologize to anyone who actually read it. I think it's more of a journal entry, but being as I'm way too lazy to keep both a blog and a journal .. eh .. goodnight.

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