Monday, September 20, 2010

More things that annoy me

I made a post somewhere on facebook of things that annoy me, such as remote starts and blue turtle shells. I've been in an unexplainable annoyed mood all weekend, so I thought I would make another list of annoying things to see if I feel any better.

Not using your turn signal : Do you have any idea how many accidents you nearly cause? In my opinion you're just as bad as people who talk on their phone or drink and drive. Yes I just compared talking on your phone to drinking and driving. This is why : Most people who drink and drive are about BAC 0.1% (legal limit is 0.08%). You can't tell me that someone who is 0.1% BAC is any less distracted than someone on the phone. About 75% of the horn honks I make are at people talking on their phone.

Aggie Football : Every year I think for some weird reason that this year will be the year when they do good. Then I'm looking at their record of 0-3 or 1-2 thinking, "nope... maybe next year, yeah next year" I need to just accept that it'll never happen. Oh well, at least we look better than BYU this year.

Campfire smell : It's gross. I just want to write a blog about annoying things and go to bed, but nooooo I have to shower at some point between this and I can't wear my jeans tomorrow now because they smell like camping.

People who try to harmonize with rock music : Just... no. You sound like crap.

People who steal your stuff : I've lost track of how much of my stuff has disappeared this semester. Now most of it is out of play and that's cool, I typically get it back soon enough. Right now we're missing 6 tiki torches and 4 cinder blocks though. Really? You're too much of a cheap ass to buy four $1 blocks and six $2 tiki torches? Douche. Actually no, douches are useful, you are not.
I'm still bitter about "someone" having stolen my $300 of change a couple years ago too. Really? It's quarters. What possible reason would "someone" have to take $300 of quarters while leaving my bank and leave a brand new laptop behind? Oh well, at least I still have my laptop.

Guitars : Hey you know what makes a perfect soundtrack for when you're trying to talk with your friends, do homework or watch a football game? Someone playing electric guitar.

My Internet : I get so frustrated when I'm just browsing or trying to do something important on the intrawebs and every 30 seconds I have to wait a minute for the internet to catch up with itself. I don't know what causes it. It might just be someone being a drain on the router or maybe it's just crap internet, but either way it annoys me to no end. By the way, it's doing it right now.

Dating : Why bother? Everyone just wants to play and when they don't they don't like you *for being unique *see: about half my ex's. I've been seeing two, maybe three if I stretch, girls and none of them really want anything serious. While I realize this is hypocritical, none of them want anything from it so I'm not going to stop. Then it's like, why waste money on it if it's openly not going anywhere? While I may have a good bank account for a college student, it is far from inexhaustible. Society makes me feel cheap for not spending money on women, but if they just want to date around I thank them for being honest, and will put about 1/4th effort into it :-D so basically I just have attractive women to spend time or make out with. When I was 17 that may have been awesome, but now it just makes me feel like an ass. As my roommate put it though, most guys would love that and it IS better than nothing.

People who think their phones are instant messengers : They are not. They are phones. They are used to call people. I understand texting is more convenient sometimes, but often it's just inefficient. If you can text me and then not answer the phone 4 seconds later when I call you back, congratulations, you are on my list of annoying things.

Their/There/They're : Their are so many people who do this. There just dumb. You can tell that when these people had 7th grade English they were never they're. They were too busy smoking there weed or something.

How old I feel : I'm 24. I should NOT feel old. Yet for some reason I let the culture here make me feel old. So many people I know now don't even like Blink 182. They came and went pretty fast, but were big enough that everyone who was in high school in the early 00's knows them well. I was complaining about this tonight and my friends were saying I'm too old for a college town. I was like "A 24 year old senior is not weird at all." and one responded saying, "Yeah, but most guys have dropped out or married by their senior year." Can't argue with that. It's true.

How angry my blog sounds : I'm not in THAT bad of a mood. I just needed to rant and I don't really have anyone to rant at since Katie and I don't chat as much as I'd like anymore and my mom didn't answer. Do I even want to post this? Eh screw it, if my Internet works good enough to let it post I'll do it.


  1. i'm glad my name has made its way back into your blog posts ;) lets chat more friend

  2. Dear Brandon,

    Your "Their/There/They're" post nearly gave me a heart attack. Please don't ever do that again.