Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Mid-day thoughts from the Ag-Sci building

So I was walking past the quad (or what used to be the quad anyway, before the tractors took over) earlier today and some young, maybe 20 year old, girls were following me having a conversation about dating. The one was complaining about how she never goes on dates, so she can't get married. The other replied saying how she couldn't wait for "her missionary" to get home next month, that way they could date and even if things didn't work out at least she'd have an excuse of why she wasn't married.

You're 20. Do you honestly need an excuse to not be married? Yikes.

Anyway, now that I'm over that rant. I'm sitting in the Ag. Science computer lab right now waiting for my geomorphology lab to start at 3:30. I've learned something this week, I really enjoy teaching people. No, I don't want to be a teacher, I'm just saying that I enjoy doing it. I held my first SI session on Monday and I got to lecture 20 or so students about rocks and minerals. It was really basic stuff - igneous, sedimentary, metamorphic rocks, what minerals are and how we identify them; but it was really cool being able to teach these people who didn't know about it and have them ask me questions that I knew the answer to. It just makes me feel smart and important.

I was really impressed with myself. Only 2 students left before my hour was up, and for anyone who's ever attended an SI session of a freshman class you know this is rare. Normally everyone is out of there after about 20-30 minutes. I also did a quick lecture today in a geology class about the Tibetan Plateau. It felt so nice to be the one with the power point and laser telling people cool stuff as they tried to stay awake.

Speaking of Freshman, I've discovered a new game that I like to play in my head as I walk around campus. It's called Spot the Freshman. The goal is for me to decide who is a Freshman and who isn't. Now of course I don't go up to these people and ask them if my results are right or not, so it's a rather pointless game, but it is kind of fun. They're just so naive looking. Many of them dress in stupid fashion trends that were cool in high school and just have this look of happiness on their faces like they're in awe to be at a university.

This all changes after your first finals week or your first week that you have 3 midterm exams. You become jaded and something in your mind changes. You quit wearing knee high rainbow socks, tight girl pants and long hair that takes 2 hours to style. You conform to the dullness of the sacrifices you make in college just to get B's. You have that look about you that you just rolled out of bed because you went to sleep at 3am last night since it was the only time you could get anything done. Ah Freshmen, you're so silly. Sometimes I wonder if the reason Sophomores-Seniors all kind of look the same is because of how Freshman year messes you up or if it's because there are certain people who just can't do college life and these are the ones who inaudibly scream "I'm a Freshman" as you walk past them early in the morning, then drop out after their first semester.

I love fall weather in Logan. It's crisp and cool in the mornings, but not cool enough to wear a jacket, then as it warms up and you get the sun beating down on you it feels just about perfect. You're cold outside, but warm inside... or maybe it's the other way around. I can never tell. I just know that when it's 65 degrees, sunny and windy out - beautiful. I got lunch with Marlee today outside and we ate outside the Quadside Cafe, it was about the perfect weather. I could have just sat there for hours taking it in. Few things are better than good bagels, good company and Logan fall weather all at once.

Well it's approaching 3:30 so I better make my exodus to the GIS lab so I can "learn" how to use GIS... even though I already got an A in the WATS 4930 class... Sometimes college can be so redundant. Maybe this is a good thing. I'm already one of those jaded Senior's who scowls at happy little Freshmen as they frolic around campus talking about how great high school was and how much more mature they are now that they live on their own in the grown up college dorm setting. Sigh, I want to be 18 again.. though I suppose I was a 21 year old freshman who still acted 18 so.. I want to be 21 again :-D

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