Thursday, January 13, 2011

Logan is cold

So I live in Logan. I think anyone who has ever read my blog knows this. Logan is cold. Again, no surprise in that statement.

I was walking to class on Tuesday and had to walk all the way to the nether regions of campus (the east side) for my guitar class. Typically near campus in the mornings you get an easterly wind coming out of the canyon for reasons I don't feel like going into. Needless to say wind makes cold feel even colder. I got about to the Vet Science building before I quit being able to feel my face. I was thinking to myself, dang it is really cold today. Little did I know.. I figured it had to be in the teens. I got to class and looked at my phone, it read -3. No, my phone is not set to degrees C. That's in Fahrenheit and no, this isn't by any means the coldest day of the year. Just the coldest day since I've been back this semester.

Out of curiousity I decided to see what other temperatures around the world were at 9am on this day in some of the colder places that came to mind. Because I have somehow yet to have any homework yet this semester, I thought I would share this with you in my blog.

Moscow, Russia : 30
Cape Ross, Antarctica : 22
Salt Lake City, Utah : 12
Anchorage, Alaska : 12
Gustav Crater, Mars : 5
Logan, Utah : -3

Yes, Logan is colder than Mars. Now granted it might be summer in Antarctica and Moscow is certainly one of the more habitable places in Russia, (Vladivostok was -17 on this day) but still, are you kidding me? -3 is cold! Maybe I should start wearing more than a tshirt, jeans and a jacket. Then again, why start now? It's my last winter here and believe it or not, it's warming up! (Seriously, it hit -14 at one point in December.)

Why is it so damn cold here?! We're at 42 degrees latitude, so is Boston, which was sitting at a nice balmy 22* that day. While I don't feel like explaining that all technically it's because of the inversion atmospheric layer we get. Same reason it's always so smoggy in the Winter here. A big high pressure cell parks on top of Utah and just sits here cancelling out normal atmospheric convection and causing an inverse relationship from the normal, "it gets colder as you go higher" rule. So a valley like the one Logan sits in, which is surrounded by huge mountains, just never gets a chance for new air and since hot air rises and the valley is the bottom of the region, we get all the cold stuff. Oh mountains - despite the fact that I love you, you really suck sometimes.

Anyway, Logan is cold. I accept it. I just don't like when I quit feeling my face. I could wear one of those ski mask things, but then I just feel like I'm on my way to rob a bank. Meeting single girls in Logan is hard enough without looking like a freaky ass bank robber. Not to mention since there is no crime in this town I could totally see myself getting arrested on the grounds of attempted bank robbery, simply because I wanted to keep my face warm.

Oh in completely unrelated news. I met my childhood sports hero last night, Jeff Hornacek. He signed my 1997 Utah Jazz Western Conference Champions shirt. He came to Utah State to give a talk about his basketball career and playing with the Jazz during the Stockton/Malone era. I think it was supposed to be about overcoming adversity to achieve goals, but fortunately for all us Jazz fans it was basically just a talk about his basketball career (which for a 180 lb 2 guard does involve overcoming a lot of adversity). It was pretty awesome. See:

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