Monday, April 19, 2010

"Global warming"

I posted this as a comment to remarks on facebook and thought I would post it here so I can copy and paste it in the future when people are being lame about climate change.

"If you don't believe in global warming maybe you can answer why gravity data from GRACE satellites (GRACE data) show that continental ice sheets are melting at rates of well over 4 cm/yr while global sea levels are rising slowly? I'm sure myself and the entire scientific community are open to other possibilities.
Until then I would say that looking at increasing concentrations of atmospheric CO2 (Recent CO2 trends) which were down at ~270ppm before 1800 and CH4 concentrations being more than anything analyzed from core samples in the last 600,000 years (CH4 data) and the fact that we know those gasses trap infrared radiation, which then re-radiates back to Earth, (CO2/temp correlation) makes human contribution to the melting of continental ice and rise in temperature a pretty viable cause."

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