Sunday, March 14, 2010

March Madness

Okay, so the NCAA tournament hasn't even started and to be completely honest I'm not even 100% sure that my team is in (only like 99.5% sure) but I'm already sick of college basketball. It's all that's on TV and I can't seem to change the channel if it's a school that I saw play this year. It's some sick twisted obsession that I don't even like that much.

Don't get me wrong, I love basketball games at the spectrum. Very few things compare to the level of enjoyment I get from shouting "I believe that we will win" or "winning team, losing team" in unison with 3,999 other students, but watching basketball on TV just doesn't have the same feel. I watched Utah State dominate Boise and La Tech the last two nights, then tonight they played NMSU for the championship and I wanted to watch it with my roommates, but they all took off. I didn't feel like watching it alone so I went out with a girl instead. We went back to her house and played twister while listening to a CD on her DVD player, but decided to watch a movie and while she was changing the CD to a DVD I checked the score and USU was losing by 2 so I was like "meh" and turned it back to the input channel. I got like 6 texts after the game about how bogus it was and my mom even called me about it, but I didn't even watch the game. It was the WAC Championship game and my team was playing in it and I didn't even watch it. Though I guess I should be happy that I didn't. Apparently the referees wanted to make damn sure that the WAC got two teams into the big dance and the only way that could happen was if Utah State lost, since they were the only team with an at-large bid potential. After watching two USU games in two days and various other random games all week long I honestly just didn't care to watch that game, I only wanted to know the outcome. Then after hearing the outcome I didn't really want to know that either.

A huge important game on a nice giant flat screen TV just couldn't even compare to watching Utah State play against anyone in any game at the Spectrum. It's kind of sad really. Like I'll watch their game in the NCAA tournament. Hopefully they play someone they can beat. I'd love to see them get pit against that Southern Wasatch Front team again, which is a possibility.

This is a really boring blog. I'm going to shift gears now.

Some religious stories are stupid. I mean really, does anyone ever think about these? Take Noah and his ark for example. So 6000 years ago the whole world flooded, everyone and everything died except Noah and what he could save.

Really? So.. why is there no genetic evidence of a common ancestor around 6000 years ago. Why are there penguins? Did Noah go to Antarctica and save the penguins? Where did the water come from? Almost 3x of the water in our oceans would be needed to simply cover the Earth deep enough to submerge Utah (4100 meters at King's Peak) let alone Mt. Everest (8850 meters.) Then there's simply the complete lack of geologic evidence showing any sort of flood covering the whole world. How do people honestly believe this stuff?

Another one I like is the people who lived to be like 900 years old. Really? So... back before anyone had any idea microbial life even existed, let alone how to kill infectious kinds, how to treat cancer, how to do heart surgery, what fluoride was and before we knew that Alzheimer's Disease was a neural disease and not demonic possession, people outlived the oldest of our generation by 9 times? Weird.

Apparently back then it was possible to go 900 years without getting a life threatening bacterial disease, cancer didn't exist, hearts could work fine for centuries, teeth didn't rot and our neuropathology never aged. Our generation sucks. I wash my hands and brush my teeth yet I still get infections and cavities. I could go on, but I'm tired. Screw this, I'm going to go sleep and hope that I dream I live in the Old Testament (not during the flood of course.)

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