Sunday, July 17, 2011

Last post from Oregon.

Okay, I'm a little drunk while writing this one. By a little drunk I mean about a jumbo margarita and 4 beers drunk, but we'll get through this. Thank you spell check! Sorry this won't be the most artistic writing I've ever done, but I'm trying, all right.

I'm done with college, like for real done. I've finished my last class and have a job lined up. Cool right? Sad too.

Right now I'm sitting in an empty dorm room, Forest 103, on the Southern Oregon University campus. I don't have the keys to the room. It's not even mine anymore. My car is outside ready to head back to Utah. Fully packed, but without a sober driver to operate it. My room consists of a laptop, a laptop case, a hat and my cell phone charger plugged into my cell phone. I used a friend's keys to let myself back into Forest hall and put the keys under her door.

Actually that's a lie. I put the keys under the wrong door, but then I realized this and dug them out with my car keys (this was a process) and got them under the right door finally.

What a journey this has been and what a fantastic ending. College was one of, if not the best experience in my life. Field camp was quite possibly the best class of all of college. It was so appropriate to wait until the end to attend it.

I met so many interesting people here. People from Riverside to Seattle to Tennessee to "Northwest P-A." The world is so huge, it's astounding to me just how little I know about it. It's also slightly frightening just how little I want to know about it. Now I don't mean this in a geologic sense. I want to know as much as I can about our planet, but culturally, I like the place I call home.

I don't like that you're likely thinking I'm a sinner for drunk-blogging, I don't like that it's cold for 6 months out of the year, but I think the general trend of my last few blogs is that Utah is a great place.

Enough about that. I'm going to miss Ashland. It's a crappy town, there is nothing open passed 10pm besides the bars, which I didn't really go to as often as some of my peers. The people here are all a little off. Maybe I'm not going to miss Ashland, but I had the greatest group of 30 people that I got to spend the last 35 days with. Some of them were a pain in the ass to work with, but nearly every one of them was an awesome person who I can say I consider a friend.

Geologists are a unique breed. I don't know that anyone ever wants to be a geologist, but as an old roommate of mine said - you are just kind of born into it. It's true. I feel like I came her a geology student and I'm going back to Utah as a geologist. Maybe this is just because a professor of mine told me this, but really, it was an experience.

Some people seemed to be unhappy here. Those people are not geologists, they are earth science students. What Hilt, Four-bit, Cole and South-fork did for me was make me a geologist. It's like.. that stupid saying where having sex "makes you a man," well having geology field camp makes you a geologist.

Tomorrow I start my exodus back to Salt Lake. I'm excited though. It'll be a happy trip back. I get to see my friends who I've missed very much and hopefully be a better person. Not only did I learn a little about geology here, but I feel it was a life experience, something I can grow from.

I'll probably be back tomorrow, late evening (assuming I wake up at a reasonable hour from my empty dorm room without sheets). I can't wait. I can't wait to tell everyone details of my experience here. I suppose I could have just done that in my blog, but what's the fun in that? :)

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